Treatments for Lymphoedema

Living with lymphoedema can be challenging, especially if you have had limited information or support. We can give you information that is specific to your needs. We will discuss treatment options and work at a pace that is comfortable for you. We will support and advise you on how to self-care for your lymphoedema.

Self-care for lymphoedema

Learning about your condition and how it can be managed helps you to make choices about your health and daily life. It can also help to talk to health professionals, family and friends about what support you will need.

You can care for your lymphoedema by:

  • Taking extra care of your skin by keeping it clean and well moisturised
  • Protecting yourself against cuts, infections, insect bites and burns, as these put extra demands on your lymphatic system
  • Exercising regularly to help your lymphatic system to work better. This might include simple seated movements, swimming, stretching, or even going to an exercise class or gym where you feel comfortable. Get advice on what would help you, and ensure it is something that you will enjoy!
  • Managing your weight and changing what you eat – carrying extra weight means that your lymphatics have to work harder
  • Wearing a compression garment, such as a sleeve or stocking to reduce swelling and improve lymph drainage
  • Learning relaxation techniques to help you deal with stress and anxieties

Lymphoedema treatments

We will listen to your personal experience of lymphoedema. We will undertake a full assessment of your lymphoedema, your medical history and personal circumstances. This will help us to work with you to develop a treatment programme to suit your individual needs and wishes.

We offer:

  • Manual lymph drainage (MLD): A gentle, but very specific massage, that moves the skin, improves drainage in the lymphatic system, and redirects fluid away from swollen areas. We also combine this with connective tissue release techniques. We can teach you, and/or a carer, how to do an adapted version of MLD.
  • Deep oscillation therapy: combined with MLD, this battery-powered device can be used to provide a very gentle but deep effect on the tissues, softening scars and fibrosis, and enhancing lymph drainage.
  • Compression bandaging: Bandaging helps to reduce swelling, and improve the skin condition. It is undertaken with or without MLD.
  • Compression garments: There are many available lymphoedema sleeves, stockings and other garments. These are usually prescribed through your GP. We can measure you and then write to your GP so they can prescribe the correct size for you.
  • Kinesiotaping: A specialist adhesive tape that is applied to the skin. The tape helps to reduce swelling by redirecting fluid towards the healthy lymphatics. You can learn to use the tape yourself. It is not available on prescription but we can recommend where you can buy it.

Contact us for further information, or to make a referral for treatment. We are a registered provider for several medical insurance companies.

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