We currently offer a range of courses and training activities for people affected by lymphoedema or lipoedema, and health professionals. Please email or telephone Anne Williams (07939 068222) for more information.

If you have lymphoedema or lipoedema you may be interested in our self-management course

This is a unique course which can be held online or face-to-face. There are 4 weekly sessions (each of 1.5 hours) and you also have a private, one-to-one session with Anne Williams, an experienced lymphoedema nurse.  The course will help you build your knowledge, skills and confidence in self-managing your condition.  You will enjoy the supportive and welcoming approach.  With around 4-6 people in each group, you get the opportunity to share experiences, and hear from others in a similar situation.

Each course is designed to meet the needs of the individuals taking part.  We cover a wide range of topics to help you improve the health of your lymphatic system. Topics include: the lymphatic system; exercise; risk reduction; use of compression therapy, managing problems such as infection.

If you want to reduce your risk of lymphoedema after cancer treatment ask about our Healthy Lymphatics after Cancer course

This is a half day session aimed at people who have developed lymphoedema or are at risk of lymphoedema after cancer treatment. Family members are also welcome. The course provides information on the lymphatic system, and discusses how we can reduce the risk of lymphoedema or complications such as infection, and generally improve the health of our lymphatic system.

Courses for health and social care practitioners

Caring for individuals with leg swelling

This is a one day course suitable for health, social care and voluntary sector professionals, health care assistants and carers working with people who have leg swelling.

The course will provide information on:

  • Why swelling develops
  • Recognising lymphoedema
  • Skin care for lymphoedema and associated conditions
  • Supporting individuals with self-care
  • Choices in compression therapy

Compression therapy: skills and insights

A two day course suitable for health and social care professionals who use compression bandaging and garments. Participants should be working with individuals who have limb swelling. The course encourages reflection and self-learning, and aims to develop knowledge and skills in:

  • Recognising lymphoedema and associated conditions
  • Understanding the lymphatic system and lymphoedema development
  • Assessing patients/clients with a swollen limb
  • Supporting individuals with self-care
  • Managing skin conditions associated with lymphoedema
  • Improving ulcer healing in individuals with leg swelling
  • Compression bandaging and garments for individuals with lymphoedema
  • Individual mentorship and advice

Lymphoedema after cancer: supporting self-care

A half-day course aimed at health and social care professionals including specialist nurses, community nurses, and those working in the voluntary sector.

Lymphology Treatment
Self Massage